Exceptions in Slip/Fall Accident Claims

Slip/fall accident is a category of an accident that can happen anytime and anywhere. When most of this accidents occur, they may result in bodily harm such as physical, mental or even trauma. There are several elements that can contribute such accidents including broken chairs, doorsteps, cracks, path holes among others. Regardless of where the accident happens, if a person slips or falls at someone's place, the person can be held liable for the occurrence. Most examples of slip or fall accidents are brought about by dangerous conditions such as carpeting, lighting wet floor or even lack of maintenance. During the court hearing, there is need to establish that the accident happened as a result of the negligence of the other party. It must also be proven the slip or fall accident led to harming. However, there are exceptions to this claim. The following is a list of exceptions that are available for this application. Check it out!

The case of trespassing. This happens when the person gets injured in a place where he or she was not authorized. In such a case, the property owner is not responsible for what has happened to the individual and therefore cannot be held liable. The case can be argued as un-invited guests or even burglary. Regardless of the harm experienced, if a person does not have permission, there can never be a case.

The case of government property. In areas like game parks, state premises the government, or the federal can take liability for injuries that an individual may experience when they are on the premises. The exception, in this case, is that you cannot sue the government under any circumstance. The liability case can only be taken by the Federal Tort claims act or similar to the tort of applications. The case also has a time limit.

The case of children. Regardless of the fact that the kids were trespassing or not, you can be held responsible if any harm comes the child way. This is for the reason that the child does not have an awareness of perceiving danger. The child also cannot distinguish trespassing or not. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the children are safe regardless of the fact that they are supposed to be there or not.

The case of workplace accidents. In the current days, the workers are engaging in compensation laws that hold the owner of the business strictly liable for any slip/fall accidents at the place of work. Nonetheless, compensation in this claim is limited. Visit homepage for more info.